Telefinity IVR

ActFinity is an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system that allows users to communicate with computers through the telephone in order to access a wide range of information and services. It enables the caller to select options from voice menus and interact with the computer phone system instead of a human agent.

ActFinity is the easiest IVR system to customize. Using a powerful Visual Call Flow Designer, it gives you the ability to easily create and modify IVR applications within minutes. By using drag and drop modules, you do not have to pay extra for software customization.

Moreover, ActFinity is built on an open IVR and telephony platform enabling you to easily integrate other software solutions such as Workflow, ERP, and database systems.

ActFinity supports a wide range of computer telephony technologies such as voice recognition, text-to-speech, interactive fax and multi-party conferencing. It is also integratable with ACDs and call centers, providing you with richer customer interaction and wider operational efficiency.

Key Features


Fast Call Flow Designer

Creating the right easy-to-use IVR voice menu is very important. Unlike other systems, ActFinity offers an intuitive, fully featured graphical Call Flow Designer. This enables you to create a customized IVR system in minutes, without the need for any programming skills. You can simply design the menu by drag and drop modules.

Scalability and Reliability

ActFinity is the most reliable and scalable IVR system. Each server runs up to 256 channels per machine and there is no limit for the number of machines that could be installed together. This can increase the system capacity up to thousands of channels, which makes ActFinity scalable to meet your business needs.


ActFinity is a cost effective IVR system. You pay less for high reliability, high scalability, and the most advanced features.

Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)

The ActFinity‘s ASR is optimized for accurate, scalable, and easy-to-deploy voice automation solutions. Adding ASR makes phone-based interactions faster, easier, more fun, and more efficient, while giving companies the power to improve customer satisfaction at a lower cost.

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Text To Speech (TTS)

Effortlessly, the system speaks addresses, articles, product descriptions, emails and more in several languages. ActFinity IVR supports and uses Text-to-Speech (TTS)…

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Friendly Interface

ActFinity is designed with an intuitive Interface using an easy navigation method to facilitate access to various system parts. Users can easily access all system configurations and settings.

Database Connectivity

ActFinity provides complete ODBC support to allow ActFinity to read or to write data to any database engine.

Multi Operational Channels

For more cost-saving, ActFinity’s IVR, Fax, and Voice Mail could be installed on the same PC and run at the same time.

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Caller Identification

By identifying the caller ID for every call, ActFinity is capable of handling calls based on this information. This could be used to enhance access security.

SMS Support

ActFinity SMS module gives you the ability to send/receive SMS messages. Customers like to receive an SMS confirming their requests, they may also want some information be sent to their mobile phone in text format, or employees may want to get SMS notifications about their new voice mails.

ActFinity Applications


Contact Centers

Automated customer service, order taking and status, shipping information and tracking, dealers/office locations, account information, and more.

Banking/ Financial

Telephone banking including account inquiry and transactions, loan and mortgage applications, stock information, interest rates, currency exchange rates.


Schedules, ticketing, frequent customer account information, promotions, and placing an order or reservation.



Allowing callers to retrieve detailed information about their insurance coverage, benefit inquiries, claim reporting and status, plan enrollment, and billing inquiries. Insurance companies can Also conduct surveys using ActFinity.

Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards solution allows customers to activate the service by entering the required information using touch-tones or voice commands.

Media, Marketing & Entertainment

Stock, news, weather, or traffic information retrieval. Subscription renewals and allowing the users to vote by phone and answer surveys.



Schedules, ticketing, and placing an order or reservation.


Course information, course registration, exam and course results.

Auto Attendant/ Voice Mail

Allowing users to reach their desired destination quickly. They can also leave a voicemail or send a fax message to any employee.


  • Analog Trunks & Extensions.
  • Digital Trunks (E1, T1)
  • IP Extensions (SIP)