Business-critical data can be collected from a single PABX, an IP switch, or a global network (with many remote sites). This provides a complete picture of network activity for cost control and budgeting; incoming call handling and customer service; traffic and network load management; and Quality of Service via IP.

  • More Control and Less Complexity


  • Develop an enforceable strategy for saving money

    Call management can bring about significant reductions in operational overheads, which you can realise by consolidating and tracking exactly how and where communications costs are being spent.

  • Turn costs into savings

    RingMaster produces a range of cost reports including:

    • A list of the top 50 most expensive calls by extensions
    • The most frequently dialled numbers and calls with the longest duration and response times

    These reports can be used to pinpoint high cost areas and identify the possible misuse of telephone services.

  • Drill down effect

    The RingMaster browser delivers call management to your desktop in a highly integrated manner.

    Summary reports can be obtained by email or via the browser, allowing you to drill down to the exact information required.

  • Achieve optimal performance

    Customer perception is dramatically impacted by the length of time it takes for your staff to answer incoming calls. Response time reports (based on time, day, date and length) measure and show how accessible you are to customers and other callers.

  • Maximise efficiency with leading-edge software

    RingMaster alleviates the challenges of keeping costs down and ensuring maximum service availability, whilst still benefiting from optimal PBX or IP network performance.


Analyse, report and optimise all your telephone activities with advanced call management.

Telecoms services and related management expenses now rank among the top five costs for businesses but they are one of the least managed expense items & activities.

It is also estimated that almost one-quarter of calls made during business hours are not business related, resulting in lost productivity, lost revenue and higher telephone costs.

Soft-ex RingMaster delivers a full range of tools for cost control and effective management of your telephone system.

It is a fully comprehensive and flexible call management solution with advanced capabilities to monitor, analyse and report on all telephone calls.

Soft-ex Ringmaster (version 5) is compatible with Microsoft Windows 7

How It Works

RingMaster is an extremely flexible solution, which can be used without any special training. It gives you the ability to analyse and report on your telephone activity over any defined business period. The software is loaded onto a PC connected to the PBX switch. Information is then collected from one or more PBXs, which collate all inbound and outbound telephone activities. Optional buffer units can be used to provide total data security. RingMaster captures and formulates the information into meaningful reports, which can then be emailed to department heads or individual members of staff to indicate costs, productivity and any fraudulent activity.