Mitel Audio & Web Conferencing (AWC) is a simple and cost-effective audio and web conferencing solution for small, medium or large sized AWC which supports up to 500 audio and web conferencing ports. It is ideal solution for connecting people quickly and simply regardless of their location

  • Build stronger relationships

    Connect people quickly and simply, regardless of their location. Let workers and teams in geographically dispersed locations communicate more effectively. Mitel Collab AWV combines the benefits of a feature-rich audio conferencing solution with easy-to-use, intuitive web conferencing facilities enabling users to enhance a conference call or meeting through the use of shared documents, presentations, chat, and video.

  • Enhance productivity and innovation

    Mitel Collab AWV lets you connect more people to more resources and streamline business processes, letting you make better decisions. Less time is wasted trying to connect with others, which means more time spent in productive collaboration and innovation. Improve personal and group productivity by enabling a dynamic, real-time environment for sharing ideas share ideas and information.

  • Improve customer responsiveness

    Employees that deal with your customers are the face of your company. Their ability to process requests and queries as quickly and completely as possible reflects on the whole organization. With Mitel Collab AWV , quickly establish a conference call or a web conference, including the ability to securely share documents, resulting in a quick resolution to your customer’s inquiry.

  • Take charge of collaboration

    Typical hosted conferencing service providers charge either high contract fees or, for “pay as you use” customers, per user minute charges for both audio and web conferencing on top of the regular connectivity charges. AWC has no limitations to the number of conferencing hosts, no special event connection costs, and no expensive add-ons.

  • Reduce costs

    Mitel Collab AWV provides a great return on investment (ROI) for businesses of all sizes with a typical payback in a matter of months. Compared to conducting face-to-face meetings, AWC helps your bottom line by cutting travel expenses, such as transportation and accommodation, and by eliminating employee downtime while in transit.