Optimiser® is the next generation voice management solution delivered straight to your desktop.

It’s an innovative and dynamic browser-based call management and voice security solution, which allows business-critical data to be collected from a single PABX, an IP switch, or a global network with many remote sites.

This provides:

  • A complete picture of network activity for cost control and budgeting
  • Internal and external fraud detection
  • Incoming call handling and customer service
  • Call classification
  • Traffic and network load management
  • Quality of Service.

Optimiser® is available both as a hosted service or an onsite product.

Soft-ex® Optimiser® is server based. End-user client access is entirely via the browser. Soft-ex® Optimiser® is compatible with IE 6/7/8, Firefox 2/3, Opera, Safari and Windows 2000/XP/7 for client access.

It is future proof and platform independent — to provide a lasting solution. And because you receive software upgrades automatically, your system always benefits from the latest tools and technology.

How it works

Optimiser® Modules