Dispatch Systems/Consoles


The next generation dispatch console

With its advanced features, the Symphony Dispatch Platform allows dispatchers to communicate efficiently and clearly with first responders to improve response times. Symphony provides dispatchers complete control to adapt as their priorities and needs change.

  • Scalability for easy upgrades
  • Flexible and simple mechanical configuration (mount in a rack, mount under a desk, or use as a desktop unit)
  • Vibration resistant
  • Remote configuration capability
  • End-to-end voice encryption for secure communications
  • Superior life-cycle management
  • Support for trunked and conventional operation
  • Ability to run the existing C3 MaestroIP™ application or the new Symphony application
  • Silent operation with no moving components

C3 MaestroIP

Dispatch Console

  • P25IP Trunking
  • P25IP Digital Conventional
  • OpenSky2
  • OpenSky
  • Conventional Analog


Dispatch Console

  •     P25IP Trunking
  •     P25IP Digital Conventional
  •     OpenSky
  •     OpenSky
  •     Conventional Analog
  •     EDACSIP