Marconi MHL 3000

Multi Service WDM Platform

The Marconi MHL 3000 product family is a single DWDM platform offering network simplicity and efficiency, best-in-class performance and operational synergies from edge, to metro and core applications.

A single, highly optimized and flexible realization enables MHL 3000 product family to easily scale from cost-efficient edge configurations to high-performing core solutions, delivering any service over any network at any rate.

The MHL 3000 product family can be configured in any number of physical and logical network configurations – linear, ring and mesh – whilst its associated in-service scaling capability allows phased network builds and/or other changes in configuration to be made, in line with evolving business demands. The MHL 3000 offers the following networks solutions:

The MHL 3000 C/DWDM passive solution delivers cost-efficient services at metro edge, business park and access networks with a CWDM configuration scalable to DWDM @ 2.5G/10G.

The higher capacity of 1.6Tb over distances and metro regional distances (500km) is featured by the MHL 3000 Metro DWDM OADM solution in linear, ring and meshed topology. This solution offers the minimum cost per service where low network re-configurability is needed.

The MHL 3000 Metro DWDM ROADM solution enhances network flexibility over regional, metro-core applications. Two ways or scalable multiways 40 channels ROADM (WSS) functionalities enable remote service provisioning and rerouting. Complete and full “plug and play” operation is further extended by GMPLS/ASON Control plane, which complements 1+1 OSNCP protection for traffic restoration.

The MHL 3000 Multi-Reach Core DWDM solution further increases the capacity to 3.2Tb/s capacity over a 4000km reach. Scalable multiways 80 channels ROADM (WSS) @2.5G/10G/40G rate enables agile meshed networking. The modular directionless and colorless functionalities further reduces the total cost of ownership, while as in Metro ROADM solution, the GMPLS/ASON Control plane enhances network resiliency with maximum resource optimization.

The MHL 3000 Extended Single span solution features submarine and terrestrial single span, repeater-free application, over more than 380km.

The MHL 3000 provides protocol independent transport of SDH/SONET, Ethernet and SAN services, and Video ranging from 155Mbit/s to 40Gbit/s. A comprehensive portfolio of transponder and muxponder at 2.5/10/40Gbit/s, supporting a wide choice of transmission formats, as well as alien wavelength support, allow the MHL 3000 family to satisfy any service requirement with the best bandwidth efficiency.

Operational complexity is kept to a minimum by the “plug and play” architecture. This simplifies network planning, commissioning, maintenance and control, resulting in reduced network complexity and lowering the cost of ownership.