iPECS Communicator

Enterprise SIP Mobile Client

iPECS Communicator is a software application resident on mobile smart phones running Android and iPhone operating systems. iPECS Communicator is a SIP based softphone for users who need to keep seamless communications with one number either using a mobile or office phone. Basic call features including dial, pick up, hold, transfer and other features such as Short Message Service (SMS), call log, phone book are supported.


Mobile office for business

  • Business Mobile SIP client
  • IP telephony, FMC and various UC feature through mobile phone
  • Client for various user environment (In/Out of office, Home office and Remote smart office)
  • Various call scenario for mobile office environment

Enhanced features

  • Call Back, Call Through
  • VCC (Voice Call Continuity)
  • TLSv1.0, sRTP, AES/ARIA
  • Outbound selection
  • mVoIP, QoS display

Various features with iPECS platforms

  • Call features : Hold, Transfer, Pick up, Call Forward, DND and more
  • Outbound selection : Over 3G voice, 3G/LTE data or Wi-Fi voice call
  • Conference call
  • Phone book(Contact list) integration and management
  • Call accept/decline option
  • Voice mail notification
  • Call recording to .wav

Enhancing the communication experience

  • High quality voice engine
  • Support call from cellular to Wi-Fi network
  • Cost reduction by communicating through Wi-Fi or 3G/LTE