Voice Recording

  • IPC Media Recorder

    IPC’s Media Recorder (IMR) is a next-gen IP, all-in-one voice recording platform for UnigyTM front-office and PBX back-office recording. Packed with many advanced features and supporting the highest number of recording channels per server available in the market today, IMR provides firms with a highly efficient and complaint solution that is more cost-effective than anything else on the market.

  • CyberTech Trading Recording

    CyberTech Trading Recording (NTR) is a next-gen IP, voice recording solution for Alliance and SIP recording. Co-developed by IPC and CyberTech, NTR supports all major recording interfaces, such as E1 and IP for PBX platforms like Avaya and Cisco, and virtually any telephony vendor, network environment and organizational structure, making it an extremely flexible and cost-effective solution for today’s trading environments.

  • Mobile Recording

    Many countries have started to implement compliance requirements for conversations occurring off the trading floor through mobile devices.

Maximum compliance protection

With increasing regulations, oversight and governance being put in place throughout the world, your firm needs a comprehensive strategy to be able to illustrate compliance with a robust cost effective solution. Secure, yet easy to manage. Look no further than IPC.

Our IP Voice Recording solutions offer resiliency with multiple recording servers that can be located remotely from your trading centers and be geographically dispersed – yet still managed as one system. Every conversation, regardless of device or interface, is captured as a “lossless” recording to provide the highest quality recording. And with our Compliance Analytics software, you can be alerted any time a user says a designated word. Consider us maximum compliance protection.