Mitel Unified Messaging

Unified Messaging is a UC-integrated messaging solution that provides sophisticated yet easy-to-use call handling features such as auto attendant and message management of voice mail, fax, and email.

With Mitel’s unified messaging solutions you can simplify you messaging system, enabling your employees to respond faster. All voice mail boxes are managed from a single interface on a single system. Furthermore your business can benefit from a boost in user productivity and client responsiveness through flexible message management and access capabilities.

With Mitel Unified Messaging you turn your  communications system into a productivity tool. The users can communicate more efficiently, respond more quickly and increase productivity.  

Unified Messaging delivers a powerful suite of Unified Communications applications including advanced call processing, voice mail, e-mail integration, personal assistant, fax, speech, notifications etc.

The Unified Messaging  multi-server system deployment minimizes single points of failure. This type of architecture is a perfect fit for Unified Messaging in conjunction with MX-ONE Telephony System, which utilizes an identical approach. Unified Messaging is implemented using a mixture of two basic component types; a system server and up to 20 call servers