Harris is leading first responders into the next generation of critical com- munications with a forward-thinking solution encompassing LTE broadband, secure satellite backhaul, rugged LTE end user devices and intelligent applications. The Harris LTE solution provides first responders with fast, mission-critical information at their fingertips that can improve local coordination and response.

Harris Delivers

  • Public safety LTE devices that offer continuity of coverage between Band 14 LTE and commercial LTE networks, like the MBC-200 LTE Mobile Router and the
    RF-3590 LTE Tablet;
  • Flexibility to help first responders maximize the power of broadband technology wherever they are;
  • Converged communication environments that bring together public safety broadband, cellular carrier networks, and LMR communications

Harris’ Mobile Broadband Small Deployable Demo

Covering every square meter of the U.S. with LTE public safety broadband – no matter the environment – will call for creative and cost effective mission-critical solutions.

James Teel, Director of Business Development for Harris, further describes how first responders experienced streaming video, mapping and voice applications, using Harris’ compact LTE core and radio-access network.