RCC Client for Lync

iPECS RCC Gateway (Remote Call Control Gateway)

iPECS RCC Gateway solution for linkage with Microsoft Lync composed with “RCC Gateway” and “RCC Client”. It’s possible to outgoing/incoming call with simple click. iPECS RCC Gateway solution’s various scenario and features increasing staff’s productivity and efficiency.


RCC Client
  • Linkage with both desk phone and Lync client presence
  • Desk phone control in RCC Client
RCC Gateway
  • EV call(PC) option / RCC call(Phone) option
  • EV call(PC) –> MS Lync 2013 OIP(Open Interoperability Program) Qualification
  • When user get incoming call, RCC Client and Desk phone provide pop-up and ring together(Dual ring)
    – EV Pop-up –> EV call (PC)
    – RCC Pop-up –> RCC call (phone)
  • Outgoing call with simple click on Client(Trunk or Extension)
  • Desk phone control on Client(Disconnect, Hold, Call transfer)
  • CM mobile extension feature for both desk phone and client support paring feature
  • User can recognize other user’s client or desk phone presence