iPECS LDP 9000 Series

LDP-9000 is the new series of digital phone that has simple and ergonomic design and value added features. LDP-9000 series focus on the user comfortability in design and daily business communication; User friendly design, intuitive and easy to use buttons, comfortable grip as well as high quality full-duplex speaker phone and back light LCD. Ericsson-LG Enterprise offers two models, LDP-9008D for basic usage and LDP-9030D for professional usage. Optional LDP-9048 DSS and Bluetooth model LDP-9000 BTMU are compatible with LDP-9030D.

LDP - 9008D


  • 2 Line LCD
  • 8 Programmable buttons
  • 7 Fixed buttons
  • Wall mountable
  • Paper type underlay
  • Enhanced high quality conference call
LDP - 9030D


  • 3 Line LCD with high visibility backlit
  • 3 Soft keys
  • 30 Programmable buttons
  • 7 Fixed buttons
  • More extension handling with optional DSS


  • 48 Programmable buttons
  • Label type underlay
  • Compatible with LDP-9030D
  • Up to 5 DSS