Mobile Radio Products

Unity XG-100M

Full-Spectrum Multiband Mobile Radio


The Harris Unity® XG-100M Full-Spectrum radio is the only mobile on the market that has access to both digital APCO P25 secure and analog FM communications across VHF, UHF and 700/800 MHz bands, scanning across all bands, voice modes and encryption types at the same time.


Multimode, Dualband Mobile Radio

The Harris M7300 dualband mobile radio is a multimode radio that delivers end-to-end encrypted digital voice and data communications and is Project 25 Phase 2 ready.

  • P25 Phase 2
  • P25 Trunking
  • P25 Digital Conventional
  • OpenSky2™
  • OpenSky®
  • EDACS® or Provoice™ Trunking
  • Conventional Analog


The Feature-rich and Economical Solution for Narrowband P25 Performance


The XG-25M meets the challenge. Armed with Bluetooth® functionality and ready for operation in the narrowband frequencies, the XG-25M is the economical solution for those who seek out the best in radio value. The XG-25M accomplishes this without sacrificing the functionality that is expected from a Harris radio in the XG family.

HDM150 Mobile

Multimode DMR Mobile Radio

The HDM150 mobile is a multimode, software defined radio (SDR) that is designed to withstand day-to-day operation when and where you need to work. The radio meets Military Standards for rain, sand and dust, shock and vibration. When configured with an optional desktop microphone and power supply the HDM150 can operate as a desktop control station.

  • Digital Trunking
  • Digital Conventional
  • Analog Conventional