iPECS eMG100

  • Cost effective hybrid platform

    It’s a cost effective hybrid platform that supports IP, digital, analog, and UC devices, so you can work from any device with any technology. iPECS eMG100 provides many built-in solutions that will maximize your return on investment. TDM interfaces, built-in VoIP and VM capacity with emergency alarm and relay and paging features are all embedded as default. Compact design with many of the communication features included out of the box.

  • Simple single cabinet

    iPECS eMG100 comes as a single cabinet that can be wall mounted or 19-inch rack mount depending on your requirements. All ports are equipped with a RJ45 interface to have universal compatibility. Add an additional license to connect another iPECS eMG100 cabinet to simply double your communication power.

  • Rich business applications

    iPECS eMG100 provides a various range of business applications and mobile clients to fulfill varying needs and requirements in the small and medium sized enterprise environments. It also offers interoperability with various 3rd party solutions in hospitality, healthcare and other vertical industries.

  • Aspire to be mobile

    Whether in the office, warehouse or in a factory IP DECT provides reliable communications even in the high demanding environments. For more personalized mobility and for outside office the iPECS UCS brings the power of desk phones into smart-phones or tablet PCs. In addition, the Mobile Extension (MEX) feature is provided for seamless communications and ease of use for calls to be seamlessly and easily moved back and forth between desk phone and mobile. Be professional with one-number service from any device in any location. Utilize iPECS mobility solutions and take the office with you.

  • Easy installation and simple management

    IT managers can breeze through initial installation, and quickly customize settings for easy management. Multiple levels of userfriendly administration tools add value for easy management. Webadmin helps IT managers to easily customize their workflows and manage the real-time operation locally and remotely.

  • Reliable multi-site deployment

    We provide multi-site deployment with a local/branch system that supports local suvivability (LCM). Backup connections to the local PSTN network can be used as a last resort. Avoid downtime with automatic fail-over between sites, so that your clients can reach you whenever they need.


▪ Built-in iPECS UCS
▪ Built-in iPECS ClickCall
▪ Embedded VoIP
▪ Embedded Voice Mail
▪ Embedded ACD
▪ Embedded SIP
▪ Embedded audio conference
▪ Embedded hotel features
▪ Mobile extension
▪ One number service
▪ Web call back
▪ ACD call statistics for multiple group
▪ ACD manager protocol
▪ SIP interface
▪ Emergency/Alarm call service
▪ Simplified directory search and dial
▪ Custom MOH support
▪ VM to E-Mail forwarding
▪ Web administration
▪ Web user portal