Mitel Solidus eCare

Mitel Solidus eCare is a rich suite of seamlessly integrated Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) and contact center applications for intelligent interaction in the enterprise.

  • UCC

    Integrated Unified and Collaborative Communications with SMS, instant messaging, desktop sharing, presence, directory search, knowledgebase for FAQ

    With access to directories and employee information, both the number of interactions and the amount of time agents spend on customer queries are greatly diminished. Such time savings free up agents to focus on high-priority customers with complicated queries, providing them with true, live, high-quality customer care that they deserve and, through interaction with real-time social networking tools, have come to expect.

  • Mobility

    Integrated mobility supporting numerous devices and allowing agents to work anywhere, anytime.

    Solidus eCare is unique in its true mobility offering. Mitel Mobile Extension expands the flexibility of the already powerful Solidus eCare platform, by supplying mobile or roaming agents instant access to the rich set of extension features, accessible through their mobile devices. Agents can work wherever a mobile phone is used – at home or at a remote site – or even just during your peak periods.

  • Remote agents – powerful advantage

    Contact center managers can hire skilled agents – as qualified as in-house staff – anywhere in the world where facility costs are lower. Home-based agents incur fewer overhead expenses and can be drawn from a pool of geographically dispersed resources. By staffing across time zones, during peak business times or holiday seasons, service hours can be extended, giving you a powerful advantage in customer relationship management (CRM).

With Mitel Solidus eCare you get a powerful and flexible toolbox, providing contact center services, self-service applications and business automation integration. It also offers clear, easy-to-use, historical, real-time reporting and analytics tools to solve business problems, reduce operational costs and improve performance.