Saudi Ericsson can provide you with a solid, intelligent network infrastructure as the foundation for your growing business. Enterprise networks are now far more than just a common communications medium – they optimize business processes, improve work efficiency and enable your organisation to operate 24/7 without disruption. Enterprise networks interconnect each and every element of your organisation – from mobile devices and printers, through to laptops, critical servers, storage devices and dozens of applications. Each element processes and stores corporate data in some way and can be operated by numerous people who are often geographically distributed across multiple time zones.

Your enterprise network needs to be ready for such challenges and must be able to offer a consistent user experience and a high level of availability and security. An intelligent enterprise network can make your applications run faster, report suspicious activity and recognize customers’ demands – and adapt its behavior accordingly at all times.

  • Network Infrastructure

    Your organisation relies on its ability to communicate via networks. Whether that’s for checking your email from a company laptop, running on- demand reports for back end orders, buying the latest smartphone online, checking your utility bills via a tablet device, or booking a hotel room for tomorrow’s project management meeting – it all happens through networks. It is therefore vitally important that your enterprise network infrastructure is secure and reliable, delivering the best performance at all times.

  • Information Security

    Today’s interconnected networks form the backbone of your organisation and security must therefore be a high priority – as more and more services are added to your network, on top of a blend of public and private cloud services. As a result, your networking environment needs a sound and solid security approach

  • Data Centre

    The correct functioning of your data center determines the IT performance of your organisation. We provide the benefit of rapid solution deployment on demand – which can scale up or down in line with your business needs.

  • Professional Service

    Enterprise networks have become the mission-critical backbone of most organisations. Saudi Ericsson’s professional services enable you design, implement and operate a tailor-made mix of technologies and services to support your business success.

  • Network Management

    Your employees demand a high quality experience across all of their devices, regardless of location – and they expect any issues to be resolved quickly. We can proactively monitor and manage your network, identifying potential issues and reducing the risk of failure – enabling your network to remain stable, your employees to stay happy and your business to be operational at all times.

Saudi Ericsson for your business

Saudi Ericsson has been designing, delivering and supporting the networks that carry business-critical applications for many years. We know that it is no longer enough for your network to be simply available, it also needs to perform and to be secure.