Dealerboards and Turrets

  • IQ/MAX®

    The most powerful, function-rich turret provides complete control over call history, contacts, speakers, intercom, and private lines. Extensive features and an intelligent user interface maximize traders’ productivity.

  • IQ/MAX Edge

    Provides the same powerful features and intuitive user interface as the IQ/MAX, but designed for connectivity in smaller, more economical configurations.

  • IQ/MAX Sync

    Traders can utilize all IQ/MAX and IQ/MAX Edge features from a PC or directly from the turret with IQ/MAX Sync. Now seamlessly monitor market data and manage call functions from the same screen.

  • IQ/MAX Omni

    Working remote? IQ/MAX Omni is a mobile soft-turret to make trading possible anywhere. Traders, researchers, analyst, and client teams can access the same powerful features and intuitive user interface of IQ/MAX and IQ/MAX Edge trading turrets in a virtual setting.

Activity on a trading floor is often frantic with many different variables in play at any given time. It’s a high pressure demanding environment which requires talented traders and salespeople to make sense and money. Relying on anything but the best IP turret on the market would only hinder their capabilities.

From desktop trading turrets and dealerboards to mobile soft-turrets and desktop CTI clients, the IQ/MAX suite provides the power, speed, clarity, and control you need and want. Designed to accelerate collaboration and increase productivity, IQ/MAX is also ideal for trading support teams and small to mid-size firms looking for powerful, yet affordable trading communications tools.