Telefinity Call Center


InFinity is an intelligent Call center solution based on SIP; route queues analyze and generate advanced statistical reports. It is a cutting-edge PC based Call center solution with open platform architecture; it is the most robust, reliable, scalable, and affordable Call center in the market that addresses small to large-scale organizations. InFinity and other TeleFinity solutions can work together to empower any Call center and to cover all Call center needs. InFinity enables you to route queue and monitor calls upon predefined flexible call flow, whether you are looking to ensure top quality customer service, mine customer calls for invaluable intelligence, compliance with customer service standards, or empower customer satisfaction. There are no limits to the returns on investment (ROI) you can get from your InFinity Call center.


The InFinity open platform architecture was designed to handle a very high load of calls with a maximum performance using minimum hardware requirements. InFinity platform is built on standard protocol components and operating system providing you with flexible and easy to use interface. InFinity architecture makes it easy to customize and integrate with other systems. InFinity Software Development Kit (SDK) provides developers and system integrators with an option to integrate with any information system such as call recording, IVR, Auto Dialer, Conference system, Call accounting and CRM, to get the benefits of InFinity’s rich features with minimum time and effort.

Now You Can
  • Get Call Center, Soft Phone, IVR, Predictive Dialer, Call Recording, Quality Management and CTI in one system.
  • Integrate easily with CRM, Help Desk and Enterprise applications.
  • Distribute calls to remote sites or Home Agents.
  • Get real-time reporting, monitoring and control.
  • Get a cost effective outsourcing Call Center.
  • Route the calls based on last idle, most idle or most skilled agent.
  • Identify areas of problems in Call handling by evaluating Agents’ Calls.
  • Get full reports of Agents, Groups, Queues and KPI.

Key Features



InFinity runs up to 2,000 seats per server with unlimited number of agents; and can be expanded up to unlimited number of seats, making InFinity extremely scalable, meeting your business needs.


For mission critical systems, InFinity Redundancy is your optimal solution, as it achieves maximum reliability using (1+1) hot standby technique. InFinity Redundancy provides call routing synchronization during and after emergency cases.

Web Interface

With InFinity Web interface, multi privileges can be given to as many users as you want; to access and configure the system with its full features…

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Skill Based Routing

InFinity gives the supervisors the right to add a skill or more to the agents with different skill level for each depends on his professionalism…

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Supervisor Capabilities

InFinity gives the supervisor the right to use barge-in to monitor and coach agents, make conference, pickup call from an agent and redirect it to another agent to avoid agent mistakes.

Home Agents

InFinity allows agents to login from remote sites or from Home, by using Home agents you can reduce the cost of call center by reduction of facility expenses, salary rates, benefits and eliminating geographical recruiting boundaries.


With an integrated IVR system your customer can get a wide range of information without talking to a human agent, this will increase the productivity of the call center…

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Call Recording & Quality Management

With Quality Management, Supervisors can identify areas of problems in call handling…

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CTI popup

InFinity provide agents with a popup screen which can launch third party applications and bypass the call information such as Caller ID and Caller Name.

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Call Routing

InFinity gives the ability to apply more than one routing scenario at the same time based on Last Idle Agent, Most Idle Agent, Preferred Agent and Skill based routing.

Call Queuing

InFinity has the ability to route the calls through unlimited number of queues where every queue has its own parameters like: maximum waiting time before dissuasion…

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The main goal of the InFinity Campaign is best performance for tele-sale, tele-prospection, debt collection and telemarketing.

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InFinity gives more than call routing and queuing, it gives you detailed statistics for all components in the system starting with routing point till agent, showing many parameters for both real time (dashboard) and historical statistics, and for both type of statistics the user can generate reports for in many formats like PDF, Excel, Word.


To make sure the system including software and hardware is running smoothly, InFinity has the ability to send full detailed Alarms and notifications to the proper user via email, SMS, or by using external hardware alarm system, so he can be notified instantly about any issue within the system…

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User’s Right & Administration

Multi privileges can be given to users and groups to access and configure the system. You can set administration rights according to your enterprise’s preferences and unique needs.

Audit Logs

For a greater security and for a higher level of understanding the usage of your Call center, InFinity logs all users’ activities on the system, where authorized users can view saved information about the users activities such as: Who logged in & out.


User Friendly

You do not even need to use the manual, because InFinity is so intuitive; there will be little, if any, training required for using the system. Users familiar with MS windows can start using InFinity instantly.

Soft Phone Features

Using TeleFinity soft phone provides additional features and capabilities for the agents and supervisors…

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  • SIP
  • Digital E1, T1
  • Analog


  • SIP soft phone
  • SIP hard phone
  • Analog