Harris solutions for public safety and professional communications

For their life-saving work, first responders need the most advanced and most reliable communication tools available. Harris communications systems have a proven track record in some of the most challenging conditions and are backed by more than 80 years of experience.


A Complete Solution

The Voice, Interoperability, Data and Access (VIDA®) services platform is a fully-integrated solution that provides unified interoperable communications for voice, data and applications across a multitude of technologies ranging from LMR narrowband to LTE broadband data networks.The latest evolution of VIDA integrates Critical Services, Converged Communications and Integrated Applications to form a services platform.

This new mission-critical communications services platform does not limit users to a single radio access technology with the inevitable tradeoffs in coverage, cost and features. The result is a single, integrated, cost-effective IP-based communications infrastructure that is scalable, flexible and easily expanded.


Standards-based Network for Public Safety and Professional Communications

The Harris P25 system combines the benefits of an IP-based network with industry recognized Project 25 (P25) standards. The result is a single cost-effective IP-based network that is reliable, scalable and secure while providing communications interoperability.

P25 CAP – Project 25 in action through industry collaboration

Harris is at the forefront of P25 standards development. Committed to making radio communications interoperability a reality for first responders, Harris has taken a leadership role as a member of the P25 Compliance Assessment Program (CAP). P25 CAP provides a framework and process for demonstrating the compliance and interoperability of P25 equipment.

P25 Phase 2 Software Upgradable Products

Harris is an industry leader in P25 standards-based products with software defined radios that are software upgradable to P25 Phase 2 including portables radios, mobile radios, base stations and repeaters.

P25 ISSI – The solution to unite disparate systems for interoperable communications

The Harris P25 system fully supports the P25 ISSI (Inter-RF Sub-system Interface), allowing the connection of multiple P25 networks, even those from other suppliers. Through this use of the industry-standard interface, continuous interoperability can be established among agencies operating with disparate radio systems, technologies or radios

Featured Product



The MASTR V Base Station provides secure digital trunked communications for mission-critical applications, supports the P25 Common Air Interface and operates on a secure, scalable Internet Protocol (IP) network.

Migrating to Digital

Migrating from Analog to Digital: Evolution Made Easy

Advances in technology, regulatory changes and customer needs are driving a communications evolution from analog to digital. Additional capacity, new features and value added services are all motivators to make the switch to standards-based technologies like P25 (Project 25) and Internet Protocol (IP) networks.

When you have a system you know and like, change can seem intimidating.

That’s why we have a team of professionals dedicated to help our EDACS customers transition to a digital network.

  • Customized strategies
    What works best for one customer may not for another. Harris’ extensive tool kit of options ranges from flexible devices to whole system solutions, all designed to smooth your migration. Tell us your wants and needs, and we’ll find the best approach to bring your system in line with the latest technology, getting you trained and operating in a timeframe that works for you.
  • Budget Conscious Solutions
    One of the biggest hurdles for progress is funding.  Our solutions vary in size and scope, allowing you to evolve your network in stages. Our Grant FundingProgram, financing options, professional sales team, and Channel Partners are here to assist every step of the way.

Watch how seamless migration is when you migrate from Harris EDACS to Harris P25


BeOn® – Extending the Reach of Push-to-Talk Communications

Experience a secure group communications app that enables Push-to-Talk (PTT) and
real-time location and presence information between team members – all from your smartphone, tablet or PC.



A Reliable, Affordable, and Digital Solution

Momentum is a standards-based digital communications solution designed to deliver maximum performance within the constraints of tight operating budgets. Public agencies and private enterprises in need of feature rich, digital voice and data solutions can trust Momentum to deliver reliable communications that meet and exceed the FCC Narrowband mandate.

T2 Dispatch Solution


The T2 Dispatch solution is a scalable, PC-based voice dispatch and Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) solution designed for any size budget. From a single PC to multiple dispatch consoles at remote locations, the T2 Dispatch standards-based architecture is flexible enough to handle it.

T2 Dispatch is feature-rich, offering:

• Voice dispatch
• AVL and GPS tracking
• Geo-fencing and alarms
• Voice recording and playback
• SIP telephone interconnect
• Radio enable/disable
• Remote monitorin

Momentum Products


HDP250 Portable Radio

HDP150 Portable Radio

HDP100 Portable Radio

HDM150 Mobile Radio

HDR100 Repeater – Tier 2

HDT300 Base Station – Tier 3



The Momentum Application Provider Program (APP) allows third-party application developers to write applications, or modify existing applications, to operate on Momentum systems

Grant Funding


DMR solutions are currently deployed by Public Safety, Utility and Transportation agencies throughout North America. It is anticipated that by 2015 more that 250,000 DMR and DMR-like radios will be in use by public safety agencies in this region.

Radio Applications – LTE


Harris is leading first responders into the next generation of critical com- munications with a forward-thinking solution encompassing LTE broadband, secure satellite backhaul, rugged LTE end user devices and intelligent applications. The Harris LTE solution provides first responders with fast, mission-critical information at their fingertips that can improve local coordination and response.

Harris Delivers

  • Public safety LTE devices that offer continuity of coverage between Band 14 LTE and commercial LTE networks, like the MBC-200 LTE Mobile Router and the
    RF-3590 LTE Tablet;
  • Flexibility to help first responders maximize the power of broadband technology wherever they are;
  • Converged communication environments that bring together public safety broadband, cellular carrier networks, and LMR communications

Harris’ Mobile Broadband Small Deployable Demo

Covering every square meter of the U.S. with LTE public safety broadband – no matter the environment – will call for creative and cost effective mission-critical solutions.

James Teel, Director of Business Development for Harris, further describes how first responders experienced streaming video, mapping and voice applications, using Harris’ compact LTE core and radio-access network.