Harris solutions for public safety and professional communications

For their life-saving work, first responders need the most advanced and most reliable communication tools available. Harris communications systems have a proven track record in some of the most challenging conditions and are backed by more than 80 years of experience.

A Complete Solution

The Voice, Interoperability, Data and Access (VIDA®) services platform is a fully-integrated solution that provides unified interoperable communications for voice, data and applications across a multitude of technologies ranging from LMR narrowband to LTE broadband data networks.The latest evolution of VIDA integrates Critical Services, Converged Communications and Integrated Applications to form a services platform.

This new mission-critical communications services platform does not limit users to a single radio access technology with the inevitable tradeoffs in coverage, cost and features. The result is a single, integrated, cost-effective IP-based communications infrastructure that is scalable, flexible and easily expanded.