Micronet Fiber Optic Micro Cable System

Micronet is a flexible and cost-effective cabling system for installing optical fibers in all types of metropolitan, access networks and also in backbone network. Built to last, it delivers unlimited bandwidth capacity as well as capability to grow with user needs – and as new users are added.

Micronet meets the demand for nearly unlimited bandwidth, which creates a future-proof network ready for tomorrow’s demanding applications. It also gives a cost-efficient rollout and maintenance, which creates the opportunity for increasing broadband penetration and reaching out to new users.

The unique and industry-leading Micronet cable is designed with inner loose tubes made from a hard Polyamide material. The crush resistant materials that Micronet cables are made from makes the cable easy to install without kinking the tubes when splicing. This eliminates the need for additional interstitial fillers which can make the installation process slower and awkward.

The ultra-small loose tubes that Micronet consists of also arrange the fibers for excellent identification. The fibers are color coded for quick and simple marking which greatly facilitates the installation process.