Access and Transport Solutions for Public Telecommunication and Dedicated Networks

  • Next Generation Access Systems

    Our partner KEYMILE is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Next Generation Access Systems.

    Their product spectrum ranges from IP-based Multi-Service Access Platforms to specific transmission systems for dedicated networks as well as for telematics applications via mobile radio networks.

    We offer a wide range of support services beyond the hardware and software for data transmission. This we do to support network operators to operate their products with maximum efficiency.

    The KEYMILE products are employed in access networks of telecommunications network operators in more than 100 countries as well as in dedicated networks of railways and utility companies and in mobile radio and professional radio networks.

  • Ultra-Reliable Solutions

    The KEYMILE solutions are designed for maximum reliability. They have superior MTBFs and long periods of uninterrupted operation are achieved due to careful selection of components. KEYMILE solutions have system architecture which is designed for top availability with extensive protective and redundancy functions. As a result the transmission path can be restored as quickly as possible should a failure occur.

    All system components and functions are monitored by a central management system, so that malfunctions can be identified and rectified swiftly.