Ericsson Evolved IP Network

The Evolved IP Network solution provides a dependable, cost-effective and fully featured IP transport foundation for multi-service broadband offerings. Evolved IP Network is based on Ericsson’s broad portfolio of IP, microwave and optical products. It’s continually developed & enhanced, and supported by Ericsson Global Services.

The end-to-end Evolved IP Network solution is standards based to facilitate interoperability, especially with existing operator equipment. It is tested and verified, and compatible with Ericsson RAN, IP Transport and IP Core network infrastructures. Every part of the solution shares a common design and delivery approach, maximizing the use of common components, technologies and professional services.

  • Ericsson’s Offering

    The Evolved IP Network solution satisfies every IP infrastructure requirement to connect broadband subscribers (mobile and fixed) to the Internet or private networks. The solution has a clear end-to-end scope. In terms of mobile network infrastructure, for example, this includes everything required to connect base stations through to packet gateways, from RAN to Core Network, and external network connectivity too.

    The overriding solution objectives are to optimize users’ experiences and operators’ cost efficiencies, while providing a comprehensive, verified and reliable solution for operators to deploy with confidence.

    The Evolved IP Network solution includes all functionality offered by the following Ericsson solutions and is designed, supported and further developed as one solution.

  • Main Benefits

    With aligned, fully integrated, tested and verified reference solutions, the Mobile Transport solutions offer these clear advantages:

    1. Faster Time to Market for new services: Pre-tested/integrated/verified solutions together with Ericsson’s professional services will save time to project completion, and speed up new revenue generation.
    2. Risk reduction: With a proven, established reference design and Ericsson’s world-class professional services, the operator will benefit from worry-free network deployment and operation.
    3. TCO reduction: Optimal network design, dimensioning and efficient platforms ensure a lower TCO.
    4. User experience optimization: Mobile Transport delivers a holistic approach to end-to-end QoS, reliability, security, performance and network management. This will produce the best possible user experiences and churn reduction.
    5. Future proofed: Mobile Transport is designed to grow and evolve with future network and services requirements. It can adapt with business requirements and support the needs of even the very largest of operators.
  • Mobile Transport Solutions

    Mobile Transport solutions simplify deployment, network management, support and maintenance.

    The governing factors when tailoring the best end-to-end solution for each operator are: business strategy, legacy infrastructure and future capacity requirements. Talk to Ericsson and see how we can transform your current network to deliver exceptional services to your customers.