Fiber Network Deployment

Today’s digital life is expanding into more areas of society and business. When one person is connected their life changes and when everything is connected our world changes. In the Networked Society – the access to send and receive data is central to us.

The need for fiber-optic transmission is rapidly increasing to cope with the ever increasing bandwidth requirement driven by new applications, specifically video related services. Fiber is also a key enabler for next the generation all-optical IP network.

Bringing the optical fiber point-of-presence (FTTx) as close to the user as possible, is critical for network performance and user experience.

As a consequence the last aerial connection from our smart devices in the access network is getting shorter and shorter; the radio cells are getting smaller and require coordination through optical based protocols. This drives the fiber deployment further out in the existing mobile access networks, and at the same time opens up new business opportunities to connect public buildings, enterprises and homes along the way to a converged “one access” network.

Building fiber-optic networks is capital intense and requires careful planning and project execution. Our Fiber Network Deployment solution offers a full range of professional services securing lowest TCO of the network and at the same time enabling new revenue generating media services.

Our Fiber Network Deployment solutions consist of comprehensive end-to-end solutions that span from planning & design of the network throughout the full execution of the implementation phase. Our solution also includes the capability to select the most suitable passive fiber products.

These solutions are future proof and facilitate the shift to adapt to the changing business models and monetize the fiber network for years to come.

Ericsson has more than 130 years of network deployment experience in this field and brings value to our customers through innovation, speed and quality.