Mitel 700

Mitel 700 is a fully featured communications system with a complete suite of applications that addresses the small and medium enterprise segment. It provides a broad range of UC functionality with focus on IP and mobility.

Mitel 700 is an easy to use communications solution as well as a smart and scalable investment for the future. The Mitel 700 solution offers the right mix of components to address a broad spectrum of industry segments, but can be tailored to meet specific needs of SME customers in greenfield scenarios. Mitel 700 is also positioned to capture replacement scenarios in the 40 to 300 user segment as well as for MiVoice MX-ONE branch node and multi-site network scenarios.


Smarter Communications for Your Business

Mitel 700 is designed as a complete Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) solution tailored to meet customer needs for small to medium-size businesses. The solution focuses on multimedia and mobility and is based on the well established Mitel portfolio.

Powerful Communications

With a broad suite of integrated applications you will benefit from a variety of communication features. Mitel 700 is a UCC ready solution that can be adapted to your needs, and grow at the same pace as your business grows. Usability plays an important role in Mitel 700 by putting the end user at the center of communications.

Industry independent

Regardless of what type of business or industry you are in, the Mitel 700 communications solution will fulfill your expectations. The Mitel 700 has an open architecture and can easily be integrated with your current infrastructure. The solution can then be upgraded to suit changing requirements at whatever pace you prefer best. So your investments, both current and future, are fully protected.

Real time communication

The Mitel 700 offers unique multimedia communication solutions delivering powerful HD video, voice and IM collaboration experience across multiple devices taking business communications to the next level. This means a UCC experience on your terms where you can always be reached anytime, anywhere through a variety of devices and media.

Integrated mobility

With Mitel 700, you get completely integrated mobility: people working from home or on the move can be reached on the same number and benefit from the same handy, time saving features as when they are in the office. Yet Mitel 700 mobility solutions enable you to retain complete control over your communications and your costs with features such as Mobile LCR, travel SIM and callback.

It’s flexible

The Mitel 700 provides companies with the flexibility to expand their business to SIP based communication solution in a cost effective and convenient manner. This natural flexibility allows companies to build their own state of the art solution. Or, if desired, it’s even possible to keep a portion of your existing analog or digital terminal investments and then smoothly transition towards pure SIP based communications at your own pace.