Zero footprint packet microwave solution – MINI-LINK PT provides a low TCO, with easy installation, no site building, and a low power consumption.

MINI-LINK PT is an all-outdoor MINI-LINK product optimized for packet networks, using native Ethernet over microwave. MINI-LINK PT can easily be deployed in single hops and/or end sites, where single Ethernet connection is available. It is also possible to deploy in combination with other MINI-LINK nodes e.g. MINI-LINK SP & MINI-LINK TN. Different MINI-LINK PT products are optimized for different scenarios. MINI-LINK PT 2020, is perfect for the new all outdoor main remote, micro/pico sites in the traditional frequency span, 6-42 GHz. MINI-LINK PT 6020 uitlizing the new e-band frequency (70/80 GHz) addresses both the last mile as well as fiber extensions markets. MINI-LINK PT 3060 is designed for small cell backhaul with its innovative design and covers 60 GHz unlicensed band.