Dependable Communications Solutions for Fire and EMS

Fire and EMS professionals depend on communications systems that will reliably operate in loud noise environments. Whether on the scene of a wildland fire, structural fire fighting inside suburban or urban buildings, or doing a difficult vehicle extrication at the scene of a highway accident, fire and EMS need reliable radio coverage. The citizens they protect expect nothing less, and the families of fire fighters and EMS personnel need the assurance that their brave loved ones have the best tools available.

  • Intrinsically Safe

    An intrinsically safe (IS) radio is designed to operate safely in chemically volatile or explosive atmospheres. Harris offers a selection of portable radios tested and certified intrinsically safe (IS) by FM (Factory Mutual) an industry recognized independent laboratory.

  • Noise Suppression Technology

    First Responders operate in high noise environments. That noise makes it difficult to hear or understand communications over a radio network. Harris is an industry leader in noise suppression technology. Active noise suppression enables clear communication when First Responders need it most.

Featured Product


XG fire

The XG-75P is a single-band radio operating in the VHF, UHF-L, and 700/800 frequency bands. With multiple features and options available, the portable can be easily customized to the user’s needs