MiVoice 7147a Analog Phone

The versatile telephone designed to be easily adapted to suit various user needs in offices, hotels or homes.

The telephone comes with an extra line interface/data port for easy connection to a PC modem or fax, and support for a message waiting indicator function (controlled by the telephony system), making it the ideal hotel telephone. Moreover the MiVoice 7147a Analog Phone features hands-free and loudspeaker functions, useful in business or private conversations when more people need to participate or for simple voice monitoring. This enables for example, listening via the loudspeaker to telephone services (voice response systems, news, etc.). For efficient usage the telephone is equipped with a mute key for switching the microphone on/off and a redial key for fast last-number access. There is also an integrated headset port allowing a headset to be plugged directly into the telephone, with switching between the headset and the handset controlled by a dedicated key.