Telefinity IVR


ActFinity is an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system that allows users to communicate with computers through the telephone in order to access a wide range of information and services. It enables the caller to select options from voice menus and interact with the computer phone system instead of a human agent.

ActFinity is the easiest IVR system to customize. Using a powerful Visual Call Flow Designer, it gives you the ability to easily create and modify IVR applications within minutes. By using drag and drop modules, you do not have to pay extra for software customization.

Moreover, ActFinity is built on an open IVR and telephony platform enabling you to easily integrate other software solutions such as Workflow, ERP, and database systems.

ActFinity supports a wide range of computer telephony technologies such as voice recognition, text-to-speech, interactive fax and multi-party conferencing. It is also integratable with ACDs and call centers, providing you with richer customer interaction and wider operational efficiency.


ActFinity’s Open Platform architecture is designed to handle a high load of calls with maximum performance, using minimum hardware requirements.

ActFinity Platform is built on standard hardware components and operating system, providing you with flexibility and an easy-to-use interface.

ActFinity architecture makes it easy to customize and integrate with other systems such as Workflow, ERP and database systems to match your specificrequirements as well as your budget.

Users can develop their own IVR applications using powerful and familiar scripting tools such as VB script. The user can take full control of the call flow using the embedded object, which provides all the telephony functions necessary to develop an IVR application. Users can also use existing capabilities of the VB Script to connect to other systems’ database and hosts.

Now You Can
  • Make your business available 24/7 and let your customers obtain a wide range of information from anywhere at anytime.
  • Allow users to transact business at their conveniencethrough a human-like dialogue flow.
  • Achieve effective customer service where customers can quickly get the information they require through voice commands.
  • Automate customer service so your business can cut costs and your agents can focus on more important calls.
  • Gain a competitive advantage, by offering an interactive and compelling service, helping you attract new customers and build a long and lasting relationship with existing ones.
  • Use an IVR system that delivers notification to users through E-mail, Fax, and SMS..
  • Provide multilingual support for ActFinity IVR prompts, for automated speech recognition (ASR) and text-tospeech (TTS) capabilities.

Key Features


Fast Call Flow Designer

Creating the right easy-to-use IVR voice menu is very important. Unlike other systems, ActFinity offers an intuitive, fully featured graphical Call Flow Designer. This enables you to create a customized IVR system in minutes, without the need for any programming skills. You can simply design the menu by drag and drop modules.

Scalability and Reliability

ActFinity is the most reliable and scalable IVR system. Each server runs up to 256 channels per machine and there is no limit for the number of machines that could be installed together. This can increase the system capacity up to thousands of channels, which mak