Mitel 6873 SIP Phone

Powerful, Executive SIP Desktop Phone with SIP open standards support for cloud and on-premises environments

Designed for power users who demand a lot from their phones. The 6873 offers executives a large 7” touchscreen display, support for today’s, and tomorrow’s, high-speed networks through dual Gigabit Ethernet ports with embedded Bluetooth and a powered USB port for headsets. Providing remarkable HD wideband audio, an enhanced speakerphone, and advanced audio processing, the Mitel 6873 SIP Phone will deliver crystal clear hands-free conversations.

  • Compatible with Avaya, Cisco, Alcatel, Nortel, Aastra, IPC treasury, NEC, Siemens, Asterisk, and Mitel.
  • Record Analog, Digital and IP Phones.
  • Capture Agent’s Desktop Video.
  • Agents Evaluation Feature and Quality Management Module.
  • Supports Multi-Sites/Multi-Servers Environments.

Through its inbuilt touchscreen keyboard and up to three expansion modules, the 6873 delivers a robust, productivity-enhancing executive desktop communication tool. With its XML capabilities and a PoE class 3 rating, the 6873 is delivering one of the most advanced SIP desktop phones available today.