• Compatible with Avaya, Cisco, Alcatel, Nortel, Aastra, IPC treasury, NEC, Siemens, Asterisk, and Mitel.
  • Record Analog, Digital and IP Phones.
  • Capture Agent’s Desktop Video.
  • Agents Evaluation Feature and Quality Management Module.
  • Supports Multi-Sites/Multi-Servers Environments.

LogFinity is a phone and radio recording system that records, analyzes and evaluates communications.

It is a cutting-edge PC based recording solution with an open platform architecture, it is the most robust, reliable, scalable, and affordable recording system in the market, that addresses small-scale to large organizations.

LogFinity enables you to capture telephone and radio conversations for virtually any purpose, whether you are looking to ensure top quality customer service, and mine customer calls for invaluable intelligence, identification/storage of threatening calls, audit trail of verbal commitment, dispute resolution, compliance with regulations, or to protect your company from serious lawsuits. There is no limits to the returns on investment (ROI) you can get from your LogFinity recording investment.

Now You Can
  • Implement a reliable and affordable recording solution for the benefit of your business.
  • Evaluate and monitor your agents’ performance.
  • Encrypt and secure your recordings and safeguard them from unauthorized access.
  • Chose your recording mode according to flexible recording criteria.
  • Capture customer/caller interactions in traditional (TDM), IP, and mixed telephony environments.
  • Capture agent’s screen activity to get a full overview of agent’s interaction during the call.
  • Integrate with ACD, Call Centers, and PBXs to get advanced call information.
  • Monitor and record all your 911 calls and radio conversations to protect property and life.
  • Rely on a cost effective system that support Multi-Sites/Multi-Servers.




LogFinity runs up to 512 Channels per machine; with no limits of the number of machines that could be used, increasing the capacity up to thousands of channels, making LogFinity extremely scalable, meeting your business needs.

Calls Verification

To be confident that every call has been recorded, Calls Verification module confirms that every call has been recoded and stored with its information.


For mission critical systems, when physical redundancy is important, LogFinity Redundancy is your optimal solution, as it achieves maximum reliability using (1+1) hot standby technique.


Enterprises need to secure their recordings, store, and safeguard them in a safe place, so recordings won’t leak out of the hands of authorized personnel.


Tags & Notes

Tagging calls elevates the identification and analysis of your calls to a higher level, where you can sort, reference, and search calls related to certain tags such as: New customer, bomb threat calls, new offer, and service cancellation.

Recording Criteria

LogFinity offers an easy and flexible way to customize your recording mode in a way that matches your needs. It can record all calls or selectively by choosing a certain criteria such as: Call time, Dialed digits, Caller ID, Extension, Call type, Agent ID, and Channel.

Screen Capture

To get full overview of agent’s interaction during the call, LogFinity Screen Capture ensures that and more, by recording the agent’s screen activities.


LogFinity Compression increases system storage capacity at the same time as it achieves a high quality of recoded conversations. LogFinity uses the excellent MP3 format that gives you up to 277 hours of storage per 1 GB.


Users’ Right & Administration

Multi privileges can be given to users and to groups to access and configure the system. You can set recording, playback, administration rights according to your enterprise’s preferences and unique needs.

ACD/Call Center

LogFinity is fully integratable with most ACDs and Call centers, which allows LogFinity to get more advanced call information, that can be accessed from a single system.


  • Analog Trunks & Extensions.
  • Radio Channels.
  • Digital Extensions.
  • Digital Trunks:
    • E1,T1, PRI, BRI, ISDN and CAS.
  • IP Extensions:
    • Cisco
    • IPC traders
    • Alcatel-Lucent
    • Siemens
    • Avaya
    • Ericsson/Aastra
    • Nortel
    • Asterisk
    • SIP
    • H323